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Black & gay, young & conservative. A Southern gentleman writes about life and politics after Yale

Right Quick: Privilege & Jefferson!

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Speaking of better conservative jokes, Tumblr is an aspiring optimist’s best friend. Our friends on the Left have all sorts of convoluted jargon by which they aim to convey their sophisticated worldliness and unique appreciation for the profound suffering of all things. Because, as y’all know, everything is oppressed with kyriarchies and stuff. (Seriously, that’s a word. Like actually. My browser doesn’t believe me, but it is.)

So in case you missed some seriously awesome sites, you should know that children reek of privilege, dogs are oppressing cats (who are counter-oppressing with their feline wiles), and Thomas Jefferson is the best new thing since, well, Thomas Jefferson.

Whoever knew oppression could be so much fun? (And suddenly, MSNBC makes so much more sense.)


Author: Rek

A gay Southern conservative with a fondness for God, guns, and gridiron. I'm a veritable pocket full of sunshine.

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