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Right Quick: Hurricane at the RNC


Akin, please. We’ve survived the Obama years. We can handle this.

So it seems increasingly probable that Hurricane Isaac will hit Tampa just in time for the Republican National Convention. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell us something. I always suspected Mother Nature was a Democrat. Or maybe she’s a Republican who just wants to remind us, just in time for the Convention, that the storm is almost over. In any case, we might as well have some fun with it.

Original Lyrics:

I hopped off the plane near Tampa Bay with a dream and a ticket for change

Welcome to a city run by Democrats—Whoa!—am I gotta fit in?

Jumped in the cab, here I am for the first time

Look to the Right, and I see the Romney-Ryan sign

This is all so crazy, everybody’s here to save the country

But Isaac’s turnin’ and we’re feelin’  kinda worried

Too little pressure and it’s stormin’

That’s when Christie gave his keynote speech

And the RNC was on

And the RNC was on

And the RNC was on

So I put my hands up, Isaac’s in town

The Republicans fly away

It’s crashin’ the party like Biden

Spinnin’ hot air like Biden

Got the waves up, bringin’ a storm

But we’re all gonna be okay

Yeeeeeah! Hurricane at the RNC!

Yeeeeeah! Still no hope left for the DNC!


Author: Rek

A gay Southern conservative with a fondness for God, guns, and gridiron. I'm a veritable pocket full of sunshine.

5 thoughts on “Right Quick: Hurricane at the RNC

  1. I think you mean “Welcome to a city with a large Latino population–Whoa!– Am I gonna fit in?”

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