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Right Quick: Entitlement


I have personal knowledge of neither the psychic afflictions of Van Jones nor what thoughts are most fashionable within the current and erstwhile ranks of Team Obama, but I gather that entitlement plays a sizeable role in the governing ethos. From the notion that Obama deserved reelection to the conviction that the public should subsidize free contraception to the fetish for “the rich” paying higher rates to pretensions of responsible fiscal governance, we can add the assertion of the divine right of Susan Rice to the throne of confirmation for Foggy Bottom.

Come on, man, “rightful ascension”? You never go full on monarchist (for which “accession” might be more optimal word choice), and Rice, I think, is no Jesus. It would be like a president who campaigned against crusading unilateralism, administrative opacity, and shady belligerence disdaining every attempt at congressional oversight of his new war. That would be ridiculous. This. Is. America.


Author: Rek

A gay Southern conservative with a fondness for God, guns, and gridiron. I'm a veritable pocket full of sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Right Quick: Entitlement

  1. Thanks for picking up on the Van Jones comment. I find it amusing (in an admittedly perverse way) to think that it was George W. who was accused of running an “imperial” presidency. “Ascension” is a word commonly associated with two things: kings and Jesus. Which does Van Jones think he’s siding with?

  2. Van Jones is just a representative of the top end of the 47%

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